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Free Video Resources
  1. Private Relationship
    Keeping your dating relationship private is the wisest thing you can do while dating
  2. Self Motivation
    Watching this video for 30 days can change your mindset and attitude
  3. Prophetic Worship
    This music is excellent for those who love worship and spiritual warfare.
  4. Music
    Demonstrating how drums can do spiritual warfare and be used for Praise
  5. Personal Development
    This is DEEEP!!!!
  6. How To Change Yourself
    If you want to change Habits, Attitudes & Addictions then this mini course will help you.
  7. Life Lessons In Music
    See how Music reveals powerful Life Skills
  8. See Yourself Clear
    Learn how to change your perception
  9. Great Gospel Song SHOW HIM A SIGN
    SHOW HIM A SIGN is a gospel praise song released by Nathan Salter
  10. Teen Purpose Party LIFE COACHING
    Nathan Salter Powerful footage from a Teen Purpose Party
  11. Powerful Revelation
    Free Life Coaching Session
  12. Does God Choose Your Mate
    The question most christian singles ask. Does God Choose my Mate?. Listen to this video to get the answer.