This Intense program is designed to help musicians learn how to play fast and effective. Anyone who enroll will definetly accomplish the task of playing music and will be amazed at how quickly you learn. What makes this program so intense is you will learn about 6 Months of information in ONE DAY.. Not only will you learn information you will also be able to start playing music for bands, events, concerts, church services and writing music. 


Do I need to know the basics of music before I signup for the bootcamp?
No. All students who enroll without any musical knowledge will be trained from beginning to end. Nathan will give students all the tools needed to understand music and how to play effectively.

Will I really know how to play after the one day session is over?
Yes. Every student will guarentee to play after the one day bootcamp. If a student refuse to study the information and principles provided by Nathan Salter, then it could be very difficult to succeed in playing after the one day session. 

Where are the bootcamps located?
The bootcamp is an online video session with Nathan Via Skype, or at Nathan's music studio in Buffalo, NY.  Nathan will also travel to the students location for their convenience. This is an additional fee.

What are the days and hours does the bootcamp have available?
Nathan's bootcamp is currently scheduled on 
Friday's     2:30pm -10:00pm
Saturday's 9:30am - 5:00pm      
                 12Noon - 7:30pm

What students would benefit most from this bootcamp?
The students who would benefit the most are those who really want to start playing immediately. Those who may have a busy schedule and don't have time for weekly lessons, but need to really start playing fluently. 

How much does this bootcamp cost?
Please contact Nathan directly to get a quote for your personal bootcamp session.

Do I need to have my own instrument before I enroll?
Yes. In order to leave the bootcamp with success, you must have your own equipment to practice all of the information that will come with your course.

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