Tired of having GOALS & DREAMS but never see them become a Reality? Do you long to know your Life's Purpose?  Let Nathan Salter help you reach your goals through intense Life Coaching. 
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Many people do not realize the value of a coach. 90% of all successful people have their own life coach. Even in sports the Greatest Athletes all have coaches to help them go from good athletes to great athletes. This is the secret to their success. Someone who can push you to your greatest potential and see things in you and around you that could be keeping you from being your best.

Nathan is gifted in helping his clients discover exactly why God needed them to exist in our world. There is a huge difference between a Hobby and Purpose. Many people miss out on the abundant life they really could live because of never seeing what makes them uniquely different from everyone else. If you are really serious about finding Happiness, Peace and Fulfillment contact Nathan today to book a Lifechanging Purpose Discovery Session.
In 2015, he has received his certification as a Professional Life Coach with the American Union of NLP Associations. Nathan's area of coaching expertise is in the area of PURPOSE DISCOVERY. Since his certification, he has been the keynote speaker for many empowerment events & retreats. He now coaches one on one clients and small groups in helping to discover their life Purpose.