Studies shows that people who take vacations generally live a more happier life than those who don't. Studies also proof that people who discover their Life's Purpose is more fulfilled, wealthier, healthier and successful than those who don't know their purpose. This is why this is the trip for you. During this trip you will have 6 days to get away from your busy day to day life and to enjoy yourself on the wonderful Carnival Conquest Ship. This newer ship features some of the best entertainment, restaurants and the famous GUY Burger spot. With this amazing vacation cruise you will also receive with your registration 8 Hours of Intense Purpose Discovery Sessions with Certified Life Coach and cruise Host Nathan Salter who has helped many people discover their Life's Purpose. This is the ideal trip for anyone who is looking for a great vacation and desire to live a life of success, Purpose and fulfillment. 
OCTOBER 22 - 28  2017

Registration is $150 per person and covers all Purpose Discovery Sessions. ($695 value)
                             An additional $150 will be added to your cabin selection price.

Important: Please list name as it appear on your Passport/Birth Certificate & Government State ID)

Please note that if you are traveling alone and do not have a cruise partner, you will have two options... Option One is paying the Full Single occupancy rate above, or Option Two is to allow Nathan Salter's Ministries to try and partner you with another individual for the double occupancy rate.. We encourage you to find your own cruise partner.
Cruise Insurance
Please note there is an additional $2.00 credit card processing fee that will be added to your payment amount
                               REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS
1. Please fill out all the required information below and then Hit the Submit tab
2. Once the submit tab is complete hit BACK on the Thank you page
3. Then go to the red section below and pay your Purpose Cruise DEPOSIT 
Purpose Discovery Cruise Deposit

Cruise Monthly Payments
To pay more towards your total Purpose Discovery Cruise balance
Select this button and add the QUANTITY amount you desire in $20.00 Payments.
Please note there is an additional $1.00 credit card processing fee that will be added to each $20.00 payment amount
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(non refundable)

($150 registration fee is not included in the total cruise cost listed below)

Interior Cabins: *includes taxes & port fees 
Double: $618.00 per person / Total Double $1231.00 
Triple: $488.00 per person / Total Triple $1464.00 
Quad: $462.00 per person / Total Quad $1848.00 

For price information on Ocean view and Balcony cabins please contact nathansalterministries@yahoo.com 

Down Payment information: A non-refundable deposit of $55.00 per person is required to hold your cabin. Deposits are due by February 11, 2017 ($250 deposit is required thereafter).

Payment Details:  
Payments are due by the 20th of each month until final due date. Please see sample payment arrangement below (7 pymts):

*2 person @ 768.00 per person Interior Cabin 
(Port Taxes and registration fee’s included in price)
Deposit of $55.00 ($713.00 divided by 7 pymts)

1st Pymt - $100 (by January 20th)
2nd Pymt - $100 (by February 20th)
3rd Pymt - $100 (by March 20th)
4th Pymt - $100 (by April 20th)  
5th Pymt - $100 (by May 20th)
6th Pymt - $100 (by June 20th)
7th Pymt - $113 (by July 20th) …..FINAL PAYMENT

Please note: 
There are 3 payment options listed below. Please choose one that best fit you.
Full 100% total payment (in advance)
50% of total cruise payment (due by April 20th, 2017)
REQUIRED $100.00 per month payment (until final payment date)

Cancellation Fee/Refunds: Due to the high restrictions with group bookings there will be “NO REFUNDS” given to anyone registered under Nathan Salter Ministries. We will advise everyone to purchase Carnival’s Insurance which is an additional $49.00 to 79.00 (depending on cabin type). This will allow you to cancel up until the day of cruise departure and receive a 100% refund. Please read full protection below:

Carnival’s Cruise Vacation Protection includes protects you with a 100% cash reimbursement of applicable penalties for cancellations due to
specified reasons, such as: 
1. Sickness, injury or death to yourself, a traveling companion, or members of either of your immediate families which is diagnosed and treated by a physician at the time your cruise vacation is terminated; 
2. You are involuntarily terminated or laid off by your employer (of one continuous year or greater); 
3. Involvement in a traffic accident en route to departure that causes you to miss your cruise; 
4. Your home is made uninhabitable by a natural disaster such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, volcano, tornado, wildfires or blizzard; 
5. Being called to serve jury duty or subpoena; 
6. You are called into active military service to provide aid or relief in response to a national disaster; 
7. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issues a Severe Weather Warning or Watch en route to, or at, the port of embarkation within 48 hours of your scheduled departure; or 
8. The airline, bus, train or cruise ship is delayed due to inclement weather which prevents you from reaching your port of embarkation and this delay causes you to miss more than 50% of your cruise vacation. 
(This Insurance is optional and must be purchased at time of registration)


Below I have put together a list of things that everyone should know concerning this cruise. There will be a group conference call to answer all questions in the near future. Please view all important information (accordingly) as follows:

Cruise info:
Everything is included in this price (excluding soda, specialty drinks and excursions, which can be purchased with your sea & sail card)
There is a $11.50 per day, per person gratuities fee 
There is “no cash” used on the Ship. They will provide you with a Carnival Sea & Sail Card and all your transactions will go through this card. (You will be able to deposit cash onto this card once you’re on the ship)
Everyone is required to have their original Birth Certificate & Government photo ID to board the ship. “YOU WILL NOT”
 I repeat “YOU WILL NOT” be able to board without these documents! (ID cannot be expired)
Your name must match exactly with what is on your government ID’s 
Passports are greatly recommended but not required at this time. 

Airfare is not included in the cruise price listed above. This will be your responsibility. However, I will be more than happy to assist anyone who needs assistance with booking their flight.
If you are flying, you will need to book your flights to/from Fort Lauderdale, FL  
Please book all flights after 12p on Saturday (the ship dock @ 8am and there is time needed to clear everyone off the ship)
Nathan Salter Ministries will not be responsible for anyone who missed the ship due to flight cancellations/delays, non-correct ID’s or any other personal issues so “Please” plan accordingly! (Carnival Insurance is highly recommended)
Transportation (to/from the Port) will be provided for everyone (in the group) who will be arriving into Fort Lauderdale the day before the cruise and after the cruise @ an additional cost which will be announced at a later time. (please note: transportation prices is not included in the cruise rate)  

Hotel Accommodation:
Everyone is required to arrive the day before the cruise. This is recommended due to the concern of being on time for the cruise departure and possible airline delays or cancelations, etc). 
  (There will also be a” meet & greet” session at this time)
Nathan Salter Ministries will secure group reservations at a hotel of choice which will consist of numerous blocked rooms under the special group rate.
Hotel information and prices will be provided about 6 months prior to cruise departure date. (please note: hotel prices is not included in the cruise rate)  

(Please keep in mind that the quicker you pay off your Cruise the more time you can focus on your transportation cost rather it’s traveling by Air or by Car, etc!)

There are many activities that are provided aboard the ship but we will set a time for all to come together for our own private activity and sessions. 

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding cruise matters, please feel free to email me @ nathansalterministries@yahoo.com. Thank you!

God Bless!
Pam Salter /Cruise Coordinator
“From Beginning to End”