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 learn quick to enhance the Ministry
      Cultivating. Untapped. Potential 

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    9:30am- 3:00pm    or    4:00pm - 9:30pm
Excellent program for Anyone who is gifted, loves God, but needs direction and motivation to become all God has gifted them to be.

*Will receive audio
 teachings on Worship by Nathan Salter

*Library of Worship Music from Nathan Salter

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Nathan Salters 
Prayer list

*Preferred seating at any Nathan Salters Worship Conferences, Camps and Events.

Nathan has been one of the most sought after speakers on the topic of singleness. His message gives those who desiring to experience love in marriage a new perspective on how to maximize the season of singleness until true love comes. He is still on high demand on this relative topic. His book "7 Things Singles Should Accomplish Before Marriage" has been read by thousands of singles around the world and is continuing to become a best seller. If you need someone who can relate to the struggles and reality of living single, then Nathan is the man you want to come and share. Click here 
As a license Minister of the gospel, Nathan is anointed by God to help Gods people to understand the word of God by teaching through a very simple and practical way. Many express how his teaching has changed their entire perspective on Christ and Kingdom living. If you want powerful dynamic ministry at your next event, Nathan will definetly leave a profound impact on your ministry.  
Many of our youth today deals with many issues and are looking for answers. With struggling with Low self esteem, Insecurity and Depression Nathan can relate to many of our youth today. His story has motivated many young people to appreciate their uniqueness and to find their purpose in life. Bringing Nathan to to your institute will inspire every student to live with confidence and pursuit of a life of happiness and fulfillment.