Nathan Salter is a highly gifted speaker and teacher. The level of talent he has attained plus his passion for God, people and music makes him someone that can easily inspire other in their craft. And, Nathan has been doing this for many successful years. A seasoned, educated, man of God filled with hands on experience makes Nathan Salter someone to listen to. 

- Rick Cua - Blues Counsel

First walking into my vocal lesson I was nervous and not confident in my vocal abilities. Nathan has helped me to identify my vocal range which has helped greatly with my confidence when singing. He gave me exercises to work on outside of lessons and has helped me to feel comfortable testing my vocal limits. I can tell he truly loves what he does and his friendly/care-free approach makes every lesson fun.

- Kelly Whitman

I could not have been more blessed by the ministry that comes out of Elder Nathan. I believe God truly has anointed this man to not only inspire people, but to equip men and women to achieve their God given destinies and goals. He has been a tremendous blessing to me and my church. He has humbly served our church playing the piano with power and a unique anointing for about 5 years. I personally have learned so much in my piano classes with him, he has motivated me and caused me to further my passion to play the piano at levels that I thought I could not. There is no doubt that Elder Nathan and the gifts that is within him, has changed many lives for the better.
And on the behalf of myself and my Church 7Marks, thank you! Elder Nathan

- Keith Devon Maddox

I am writing on behalf of Elder Nathan Salter as a testament to the many interactions I have had with him over the past 15 years. Mr. Salter is an exemplary individual who prides himself sharing information through educating others with his wealth of knowledge.
  He has instructed a few youth that I know with piano lessons and his innovative techniques caused for accelerated learning that far surpasses the traditional way of learning how to play an instrument. He is patient and encourages those he instructs to include God in their learning experience and also teaches them to be thankful for the opportunity to grow. 
  I have also participated in classes that he has taught over the years that cover various topics. He is a man who rightly divides the Word of God and pushes others to study and show themselves approved. In the classroom he causes the concepts to come alive and broadens your thought patterns forcing you to think outside of the box and become more aware of how great the God of the universe truly is.

He is an exceptional man who works tirelessly and diligently to spread the gospel through teaching, ministry and music. I am excited to see just how far he will go in doing God’s will. He is a living example both to those who are new Christians as well as those who are more seasoned in the faith. I fully support his ministry and wish him great success in the future.

- Elder Marvin Blakely

I have had the privilege of working and studying under Nathan Salter for a couple of years. Throughout that time and my many voice and piano lessons, I have learned so many things about music and how to use my talents to better serve the Kingdom. He taught to be more confident in how I was singing and which notes I was singing. He also taught me so much about the piano and that helped me tremendously because I play piano and sing for my church on the worship team. Everything he has taught me will be things that will always stick with me I will always be able to use them in my ministry!

- Amanda Chorey

I’ve experienced Minister Salter's Singles cruise in 2014, which to me was an awesome time of fellowship, faith, and fun in the Lord, with family. Singles were encouraged and given well thought out guidance on successfully maximizing their singles life. “Christian Single Women, YOU!!! Have Worth and Value!!!”…says Minister Salter’s Spirit when teaching in one of his seminars…you can’t help but feel it in his delivery…(Please read his 7 Things Christian Singles Should Accomplish Before Marriage and Beauty Has No Boundaries to expound on his teachings)…What you understand from following Minister Salter's, is that singleness is NOT a time to just be placid, waiting for someone to come and make you happy. NO!!!...Singleness is a gift from God to grow closer to Him.
By his many seminars, his encouraging impromptu talks, sense of humor, musical selections, quotes and biblical teachings, one cannot but see that Minister Salter is also committed to praise and worship. This is also evidenced by the worship camps that he gives yearly. I see him as a MULTI-FACETED TOOL IN THE HANDS OF THE MASTER!!!..Just imagine those who have an opportunity to take advantage of the delivery of his content and teachings in person. You will see his positivity, self-development, and commitment to God. I would highly recommend one invest in themselves by utilizing Minister Salter’s services. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Plus you want the QUALITY and DETAIL that working with Minister Salter will provide.

- Maureen Bobo

After a difficult breakup, I began to see how God was waiting on me to start doing what He designed me to do. I was stuck in a funk and needed to get out in order to get back on the course. Then I remembered Nathan's single ministry. I was seeking some encouragement from one of his messages. I played his YouTube videos until I fell asleep. I was so not only moved, but I couldn't get enough, I order his book, listened to his music until I felt a need to seek him out as a life coach. The most exciting part of everything is not only am I clear on what I need to do, but I understand the value of me staying on track, planning and implementing. Once you are clear on your calling, you want to follow through for His Will. In the words of the late Myles Monroe, I plan on going to the grave empty! 
Now I am excited and looking forward to the Purpose Party with the teens and young adults that are dear to my heart. I can't wait for them to get an understanding of how much they have to give and realize how important they are.  
Nathan's ministry has truly encouraged me. He remind me of the late Myles Monroe. I pray God continues to bless his ministry because I know he is truly walking the walk.  

- Natasha Anderson

I found Nathan to be one of the finest music teachers/ coach I have ever worked with.. In my forty years plus of singing I have not found any one who displays this level of patients and integrity.. His style sets him apart from many others in the Industry.. Its more than a pleasure working with him I prayer for his continued success ..Thank God for your gift 

-Elvin Clark

Some people come into your life while on divine assignment. I truly believe that was the case with Nathan and myself meeting. My daughter expressed interest in attending performing arts schools after high school. During one of our Holy Convocations, I met Nathan Salter while he was teaching one of his singles' seminars. Upon meeting him, I learned he had a worship camp for youth and I found that to be a great opportunity for my daughter to experience arts from a spiritual aspect. From there we attended several of his worship camp experiences. The camps were a so powerful and a blessing not only for my daughters spiritual development and relationship, but also blessed me in my spiritual walk. The presence of the Lord was there. I have been tremendously built up by the live singles chat conference calls. Nathan imparted great wisdom and knowledge in which has helped strengthened and has kept me as a Single Christian female. While attending the singles cruise I was able to meet and connect with several like minded sisters and developed genuine relationships in Christ. My life has been positively impacted from the numerous teachings and life coaching I have received from Nathan Salter's ministry. Through his coaching I have come to understand and know my purpose and from there I'm enjoying carrying out my mission in life. His ministry is truly blessed of God. 

- Chantel Dorsey

I have know Nathan Salter and his ministry for close to 10 years. 2015 was a year we consider in our Youth Ministry, a year of true transformation. We had the first Salter's Worship Camp here in Gainesville, GA and every year since. Nathan Salter Ministries has definitely impacted our church. Last year we baptized 12 people who had received Jesus Christ in their hearts at the first Salter's Worship Camp. And in 2018 we are taking Youth who have been equipped thru Salter's Worship Camp, on a missions trip to Belize, where they will be able to share the talents God has revealed to them thru the experiences of Worship Camp. God has used Nathan Salter Ministries not only to impact lives, but to cause youth and adults alike to have a deeper desire to seek the Lord, and have a deeper understanding of what True Worship is all about.

- Catalino "Papo" Vazquez - Youth Pastor
Iglesia Triunfantes de Jesucristo
Gainesville, GA

Nathan is an excellent teacher, he gives 100% and makes every lesson fun and exciting. His down to earth personality makes it a comfortable atmosphere for me. I look forward to music lessons with Nathan...I leave every lesson feeling encouraged with a positive attitude. He's a blessing to work with.

- Chante Nance

It's has been my extreme pleasure to be under the tutu-ledge of Nathan Salter. In the few short months as my teacher, he has demonstrated patience, kindness and is always apt to provide a listening ear. He has encouraged me to strive for excellence at a pace that is comfortable for me. His upbeat attitude is infectious and he is a true Man of God! I pray GOD continues to smile upon him and the work He has called him to do.

- Davette Patton

Hello. My name is Chrissy Calixte. I am writing this review on behalf of Nathan Salter. He is an exceptional person and very passionate about his work as evidenced by his published pieces of literature. I contacted Nathan for assistance in writing a book and he met with me to discuss the content of the book and also assisted with creating a map to help me reach my end goal. In the short time that I have worked with Nathan, I will say that he is very prompt, professional, and is helpful in many ways. I was nervous meeting him at first but after the meeting I left feeling very confident about my work. although I slacked at times, Nathan checked in with me regularly about the status of my work. I found this to be helpful because he understands the struggles that come along with writing any piece of work. I am very fortunate to work with Nathan and I would highly recommend him to others who are seeking life coaching and assistance with getting work published. 

- Chrissy Calixte

Working with Nathan Salter as a music teacher and mentor was an awesome experience. Not only is he a pro and a veteran of the mentoring and music, he has amazing energy and Godfidence. His ideas and insight helped my son gain valuable confidence in music and in life. With his musician's training it was clear concise and effective. His mentorship and encouragement has given him the confidence to pursue music as an avenue that he would not have considered before, but which has manifested as an important component of his life! Thank you Nathan for your support and coaching to help Talaen become a more confident and impactful musician!

- Sonya Price