Nathan Salter is a man who has a passion to share the Love and Heart of God through Music and Teaching. His music ministry began in 1992, as a drummer. Through his many exposures he began to develop as an accomplished drummer, playing for several groups and artist. He then began to have a heart felt desire to express the songs God had impregnated in his heart, which led him to the piano. He began writing his own music and shortly after, began to produce albums.

He has been serving as the Minister of Music since 2000, at The Greater Refuge Temple of Christ Church in Buffalo, NY.
He is also an ordained Elder with the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Apostolic Faith, and teacher of the Gospel. He accepted his call as a minister in 2005, and is currently a well sought after speaker. He is in high demand to share his practical messages to YOUTH, SINGLES, MUSICIANS, and to the body of Christ. 

He began to share his talents, by recording several music projects. GIVING MY GIFTS BACK TO GOD, PEACE THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING, BREAKTHROUGH IN HIS PRESENCE live CD/DVD, NARROW WAY Live CD/DVD and his most recent NO ONE ABOVE YOU live. His diverse and very unique style of Praise and Worship has caused him to travel far and wide blessing many, of all ethnicity, with his awesome concerts. Nathan's popular song "I WONT WORRY" is being sung in churches all across the world.

He felt a call on his life to begin to impart his musical and spiritual gifts into the next generation, which lead him to birth SALTER'S WORSHIP CAMP, a 5 day overnight Worship Camp, that trains young Worshippers between the ages of 7 - 21, about using their gifts to worship and to lead others to Christ. There is also a special program for Adults. His camp is one of the fastest growing worship camps around. For more info about Salter's Worship Camp, click here.

He is also the CEO and owner of Salter's Christian Music Institute, a company comprised of a Music School, Recording Studio, Music Composing, Music Producing, Instrument Rental, Sound Rental, and Music Clinics & Workshops. 

Nathan currently teaches at the Greater Refuge Temple Bible Institute. He also is the teacher for the Youth and Young adults Bible classes each week at the his home church. He also travels extensively teaching seminars on Singleness, and Worship. 

As an author he released his first book "7 THINGS SINGLES SHOULD ACCOMPLISH BEFORE MARRIAGE" in 2012, which is becoming one of the most talked about books for Singles. This book has given him many radio interviews and TV Appearances sharing on his practical information that is helping so many singles. He has just published his NEW book "BEAUTY HAS NO BOUNDARIES" which is about to take the world by storm.

In 2015, he has received his certification as a Professional Life Coach with the American Union of NLP Associations. Nathan's area of coaching expertise is in the area of PURPOSE DISCOVERY. Since his certification, he has been the keynote speaker for many empowerment events & retreats. He now coaches one on one clients and small groups in helping to discover their life Purpose.

Nathan's powerful simplistic teaching and music ministry has caused him to speak and minister at Black, Hispanic, White and Asian congregations and conferences throughout the United States, Canada, & Africa.

Beauty Has No Boundaries
Nathan Salter New Book